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July 27

   Everything went wrong today! I walked

all over town walking blisters on my left

foot and generally wearing myself out. I was

also in a nasty and teary mood; the

reason for which revealed itself later

on in the evening. I did some of the new

work & I made out pretty well with the

checks. It’s interesting and quiet

restful stuff.

   I met Mother and Dad for dinner

at the St George. My disposition was

nasty (see above!) and the evening

didn’t run too smoothly. Oh, I wish

Daddy felt better. He just goes from

doctor to doctor without much help

being given any way.

     The mail piled in! I heard from

Molly Horton (she wants us to get together!),

Fred Ottusch (a private in Georgia and –

engaged!) Beth, Becky, Dossie and

a faintly perkish 8- page job from Bill