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July 28

   Today wasn’t too awful a day at work –

this week has been a lulu though. I

yearn for two things now: pay day on

Friday and a long sleep on Saturday –

then shall I be happy!

   Happy Girls’ Club meeting at Lillian’s

new home tonight. Again I sat in

my corner as the “Shall I wait till

the war’s over to marry him?”s floated

in my right ear and out my left.

Myrtie is confused by not having

heard from George Hogan in the month

since he’s been in the Navy (is he getting

his divorce?). Camilla sighs over a

lieutenant j.g. named Ted who is

waiting till he can “take care of her”

and on and on. We discussed Irene’s

fixing us all up with Merchant Marines

for a party some Saturday night –

twould be fun!

   A letter from Libby raving about