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July 29

   This week really has been a lulu. Everything

seemed to go wrong for everyone and we’re

all yearning for those same two things. If

I ever toyed with the idea of quitting it

was tonight, but that’s just because of a

sneaking headache and cause I’m tired. I

certainly wouldn’t quit when things

get tiresome. That’s part of the experience

I need!

   I drooped home on the late train

and was cheered by seeing Mother at the

station with a letter from Bill Boyd and

one from Eddie Damm. Bill says he’s

a “one woman man” now – think so?

Eddie is waiting to be made a Corporal in

the marines and also is engaged. (Both

Freddie and Eddie now!) He seems real

happy and writes a cute letter. Bill’s

was an awfully nice note, though!

   Chinese chow mein for dinner – Nana

was here!