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July 30

   Payday, and I fondled my somewhat

government-eaten check tenderly. The

$36.40 looked good anyhoo. Along about

lunch hour I hiked uptown to meet

Beth and Midge for lunch. I love

those girls! We munched on sandwiches

at the Milk Barn and talked a blue

streak. We decided to meet every week,

so much fun did we have. We went

over to Arnold Constable’s to see Louise

being very efficient as a salesgirl.

Beth and Midge saw me off with

waving handkerchiefs as I hopped on

the 5th Avenue bus back to work.

    At six o’clock I met Mother and

Dad at the Hotel New Yorker for a

wonderful dinner and long chat at

the Coffee Shoppe. Dad feels crummy,

having picked up a cold on top of

his arthritis and other trouble.

Such is life!