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July 31

   It’s beautiful! Today was the day I

could awake slowly; stare coldly and

aloofly with a disdainful air at the

clock and roll back to a state of

blissful contemplation. It’s Saturday!

It’s also the day I could lead a

capitalistic life and go to the Roxy

with Mother to see “Stormy Weather” with

an all-Sepian cast starring Lena Horne

and Bill Robinson. Lena Horne’s torchy

singing of the title song was terrific;

and I enjoyed it a lot. Russ Morgan

and Orchestra were there in person as

was Connee Boswell. It’s remarkable

the power that girl has inspite of

her partial paralysis.

   This afternoon was spent basking in

the backyard sun again. I wrote Floyd

and Dossie and finished “Mr.

Chilvester’s Daughters.”

    News of Italy & the war is conflicting

and confused.