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August 1

   A pleasant, comparatively peaceful, but

nevertheless typically Hirsch Sunday.

I relaxed around the house all morning;

unearthing a superly interesting novel about

the Russian side of the first World War

“Testament.” It’s terrifically good and I

hate to put it down. Inbetween times

I wrote letters to Molly, both Bills

and Eddie. I like writing to the

Bills especially since I sort of feel as

though I’m talking to them. I became

tender and meant to put a drop or

two of perfume on each only I spilt

the bottle till it smells to high heaven.

I’ll probably be dispossessed by them.

   All evening was spent in trying

to decide where we’ll meet each

other this week and when. Such

confusion always!

   War news is much about the

same – looks better but not too much so.