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August 2

   The start of another week! At work,

I did vouchering and made out

more checks – we stared in dismay at

the messy stockroom and resolved to do

something about it – mañana! Ev and I

dashed around during our lunchhour,

dissatisfactorily munching on a sandwich

in the Pennsylvania Hotel Drug Store –

then off to Macy’s trying to buy

unrationed shoes. We couldn’t seem to

get the right size, style and color all

in the same pair of shoes so I gave

up, and bought a pair of earrings


   I met Mother and Dad in front of

the New Yorker and then went to

Caruso’s for a spaghetti dinner –

the first I’d had in literally ages.

We were rushed madly about but

finally managed to talk for awhile

without too much interruption.