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August 3

   Mañana came and wrapping cheesecloth

about us à la apron fashion Ev and I

dug into the stockroom – the “dug” was

meant in the true sense of the word. It

hadn’t been cleaned since 1941 so as

we crawled under cases and shelves

lonely cockroaches crawled out to

welcome us halfway. I don’t especially

like that sort of thing and consequently

feel completely dirty and messy.

    Bugsie and I went bowling tonight

at the Jamaica Recreation Hall. It was

my first experience with the large

balls and could scarce lift the

darn things. I yearned for the

simpler Duckpin variety of my

W&M girls but finally mastered the

art somewhat and love it good.

Bugsie scored 75 as an average

and I trailed weakly behind with

a 61. We stopped for a soda & gossiped.