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August 5

   The stockroom is finished – and I am

too! Such a life – but such a lovely day!

   I went up to 42nd Street again to meet

Beth and Midge – another cream cheese sandwich

at the Milk Barn and a talk gabfest sitting

at the foot of a statue by the library steps.

   Once again after work I met Mother and

Dad at the New Yorker Coffee Shoppe for

dinner and the presentation of some truly

good news. To begin with there was a

long, completely perky letter from Bill

Boyd. He is now a Corporal! Those

mysterious plans of his were to join

the Air Corps, but now he doesn’t know

whether to try it again or keep on with

his new very interesting work. It’s a

problem. Then – Mother brought the

news that Bill Brennan is coming

home again this weekend. His family from

Oakdale & Pittsburg are gonna be there so

I won’t see much of him, but still!