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August 6

   Another busy day – fun, and not much

work accomplished! To begin with, it was

payday, so Ev and I practically took the

morning off to get our checks cashed getting

a Grape Cooler on the way back. For lunch

we all celebrated by going to the [campus?]

and having fried soft shell crabs – and a

Tom Collins. When we returned to work

a little late it was remembered that

tomorrow is Phyllis’ birthday, so a party

was planned and a goodly portion of the

afternoon was taken up by munching on

a Schrafft’s cake and guzzling cokes.

That’s my ideal of a working day!

   Afterwards we met Bugsie, ate a

chicken sandwich at Schrafft’s and went

to the St. George swimming. It was all

wonderful, and we had a super evening.

   Floyd phoned me at the office! He’s

in town for this weekend too. Ach de

liebre! What happens now?