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August 7

   All day I relaxed around the house and

loved it dearly. I washed my hair and let it

dry luxuriously in the sun. So beautiful to

truly rest from morning till evening. I

wrote Bill Boyd, Jimmy and Eddie (got

a letter from Eddie today.)

   At nine thirty this evening Bill Brennan

phoned – he’d just gotten home a while

before – (His “Private Brennan reporting

Maam” was really pleasant). We talked

and he said he’ll come up tomorrow. Nice boy!

   After phoning twice today, Floyd

called for at a little after ten. He’s

changed so much – for the better and

I like him a lot. In a series of

subways and taxis we ended up at the

Casbah on Central Park South. It’s a

smooth place – music played continuously

(cute orchestra too.) in a place decorated

to resemble an Arabian tent. Wonderful

dancing and an enjoyable evening. Floyd didn’t

get too exuberant & I even kept him from getting serious.