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August 9

   Today was another one of those days when

I’d have been tempted to quit had I the

chance. Everything took twice as long to

accomplish as usual and I got stuck

late too. The end of the period has

arrived and everyone stayed late tonight

so the mail crept along too. I cussed under

my breath!

   During my lunch hour I went over

to Penn Station to see Floyd off.

I met his Dad and an Army Air Corps

friend of his and said my little

speech. I was sorry to see him go –

somehow I have a feeling down deep

that I’ll never see him again. It’s

nothing dramatic or emotional –

just a feeling. I hope I’m wrong!

   I got a letter from Danny. She’s

truly busy being a Spar, but likes it.

   I also got a perkish birthday

card from Bill Boyd.