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August 11

    My feet still hurt and I was flaunting

my nasty disposition most of the day.

Ev and I had roast beef sandwiches,

which was a bright spot in the day.

   When I came home there began an

elaborate soaking and bandaging of

my feet and finally put on

ski socks (in this weather!) and

went down to a Happy Girls’ Club

meeting at Bugsie’s. Not too much

dirt was rolled up. Irene wrote

a nice letter to Ray (marine in

Guadalcanal) and she doesn’t know

whom she likes best now. Audrey

raved on about Jack and

hopes he’ll be sent to Yale. –

noone knows what the Army

will do though.

   I got a long beautifully written

letter from Colby – Art’s in the

Army – and one from Pat Lavery.