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August 15

    Mother’s birthday and she seemed pleased

with everything – such a wonderful Mother

and Father – such a spoiled brat as I am.

     Mervin and George came up for dinner

and to spend the day. Bugsie came up

soon after and we all had fun. We danced

Canadian and British style and they even

kissed us “Goodbye.” (I like Mervin – he

leaves Tuesday morning. George likes Bugsie

cause he asked her for a date Wednesday – super!

Cary and her Mother came out too.

     Such presents! Dad gave me a darling of

a watch (how I needed one!) and a $5.00

defense bond and Mother gave me a dreamy

red three piece suit. Lizzie gave me

butter spreaders for my hopechest and guest

towels too. Bugsie gave me her picture

and a friendship ring (!) and Cary an

album of Andre Kostelanetz records (also!)

air mail special from South Dakota came lovely

gold earrings from Bill Boyd – dreamy!