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August 16

    I’m eighteen and a woman – I can

scarce believe it. At last!

    The day at the offise wasn’t too bad

considering I had to do both Evelyn’s and

my work. They were all swell to me and

Mary and Jean sent me cards. I met

Beth, Midge and Lou for lunch at Child’s.

A lot of talking!! Beth gave me a pearl

bracelet and Lou black pants. Joan

left an engraved ankle bracelet

at the office for me. Gee whiz!

    I met Mother, Dad and Liz at the

New Yorker for dinner – very impressive

and good. I read my neat cards (super

one from Bill Brennan!) Aud, Bugsie and

the Brennans came. Audrey brought me “God

is my CoPilot”; Pat a bracelet and her

picture – and from Bill a locket with his

picture and a tenderish card. (I can’t get over [it!?])

Floyd sent me 18 American Beauty roses with a

perkish card. Bill Brennan phoned. I’m so lucky!