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August 17

     The aftermath of my birthday and still

I’m effervescing in a worn out sort of way.

Everyone properly enthused over my lus cious

gifts. I’ve so happy about them all that I’m

weak and can’t exclaim properly.

    During my lunchhour I went uptown

and bought tickets for “The Merry

Widow” for tomorrow night.

     The day at the office went quietly –

I snuck in a letter to Bill Brennan.

I told Mr. Farris I’m definitely leaving

the end of August and I felt like

a heel. I truly am going to miss

everybody there.

      I came home kind of tired to

find mother and Lizzie completely

tired from trying to move.

     My last night in this house.

So many wonderful memories as it holds.

I wonder what the next chapter

will be.