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August 18

      I still glow and radiate. Rumor

may have it that I’m a spoiled brat

and in that case ‘twould be right,

cause each day I realize more

how very lucky I am.

     After work, I went to Cary’s

apartment for dinner. (shrimp

creole) and lengthy talks about

rushing. I was presented with

my list of whom to write about

the glories of W&M for Kappa

Delta. We hopped on a subway

then, in time to see “The Merry

Widow.” The music, costumes and

dancing were truly lovely and

I enjoyed it a lot. Marta

Eggerth and Jan Keeupura were

excellent. I’m so glad they’re

renewing so many of the old


    Back to Cary’s to spend the night.