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August 22

     Another bright and cheery day! I

got up in time to go to church with

Audrey (good sermon – “Sin and

Forgiveness”). When I came home, Rumor

told me that Bill Brennan was in

town, which natchally pleased me

greatly. After a good dinner of

roast beef, Joanie came over and

then – Bill! He looks purtier

each time. I showed him the house

and we talked and talked – then

per routine we walked over to

Mrs. Yeoman’s (who said we made a

wonderful couple – yes??) Walking

back he suggested I go up to

Hamilton for a weekend. I don’t

know! I sure would love it

though. Time alone will tell how

things progress so that I can go.

We always have so much trouble in

achieving anything of the sort. I hope....