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August 25

     It gets harder ‘n’ harder to get up

in the mornings and I yearn for the

days I can sneer at my alarm but I

am gonna miss my job. The people

are grand and fun and I’ve dug

up plenty of experience for my job

of Career Woman come two years and a

beatup piece of sheepskin – I hope!

     I didn’t do much work, but got

stuff done and fooled around some –

ate at Solawey’s with Ev for a

good, but hastily served lunch.

We went to Sak’s and I bought

me a light blue a dark green

and a London tan sweater.

     Happy Girl’s Club Meeting at

Joanie’s. Not much dirt! Betty Dahl

is married and Jacqueline is

seriously contemplating it. Aud

[brought?] Frank [Trivoli?] resplendent

with gold bar, for a few minutes.