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August 26

     An emotional day! Once more

not too much work accomplished –

Mrs. Morton Miss Nelson, Ev and I ate

at a diner in the ‘Penn Arcade.

It’s a dive of a sort but the food

is delish.

     I met Mother and Dad at the

New Yorker again. It’s gotten to

be part of our regular routine.

     Official postcard came from

Post master San Francisco to the

effect that Floyd is on his way

overseas. It came as a shock since

he was inducted just January 1st.

I’m hypocrite enough to be very

sorry now for the rude, nasty way

I treated him but it would be

nastier in the long run if I hadn’t.

Best wishes for him!

     A nice letter from Bill Boyd who got

one of 4 citations given in his Co. on maneuvers.