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August 28

     This was the first of my lazy

days of leisure. I was unofficially

in the Dog House for slopping around

my room so long – should have

seen Cary off for Kentucky but

circumstances kept me from it.

Once I did get up I dove

into “God is My Co Pilot.” It’s

really good and you realize the

powers of the Great Flying Boss

in the sky. Inbetween I

began my weekly routine of

scribbling letters hither and

yon – to Bill Hughes possibly

still in Australia; to Floyd, I know

not where; Freddie at Camp Stewart,

Georgia; Eddie at Camp Pendleton California;

Mrs. Shack in Virginia; Mervin in

Canada; and Bill Boyd, in South Dakota.


     A letter from Floyd, postmarked Ga. He

got my birthday present & I’m glad. It’s something.