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August 29

     You’d have thought it was the fourth of

July, the way fireworks flashed in the

Department of the Interior at 90-11 195 St.

today. All in all, it was rather unsuccess-

ful. I dressed for church, but Aud

didn’t stop by and when I saw she wasn’t

coming 'twas too late for me to go.

Then I expected to mosey around town

with Bugsie, but she stayed at her

aunt’s. Ah! Such is life!

     I felt real big cause I gave

Dad $75 towards room and board

at school. It was wonderful for

me to have given him something f

or a change – every little bit

of money helps too.

     King Boris of Bulgaria died

after having been shot. Another hit

for the Allies. The Danes

scuttled their small navy – Germany

has imposed severe martial law.