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August 30

     An interesting day! Mail was nice:

V-mail letter from Herbert Morrow;

news and Lentheric set from Colby;

notification of my little sister; and

letter from Bill Brennan, who

asked me to come up to Hamilton

this next weekend – I can’t cause it’s

Labor Day! Oh heck! Here we go again!

     I fixed the miniatures in the

living room and made lunch, cutting

my finger on a can. Camilla came

over this afternoon – amazement! –

and we sat and gabbed and

then wrote letters together. I

nearly dropped my eye teeth.

     This evening, Bugsie, Camilla

Irene and I "doubledated," going

to the Hollis to see "Cabin in the

Sky" (again!) and Mysterious

Doctor. We went for a soda

afterwards and generally had a crazy