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August 31

     I moseyed around the house all

morning – finished John Galsworthy’s “Beyond”

and began Dorothy Caufield’s “The Brimming

Cup” – both good! In the mail came

Connie’s wedding invitation. Though

I’d known it all along, still it came

as a pleasant shock – we’re all

planning to go to Woodbury, September

18th and beam as we watch her

and the Shea say “I do.”

     This evening I went into the

City to meet Beth, Kay and Louise

and bring them home with me

for dinner and to spend the night.

We were all so lackadaisical and

unexuberant that we more or less

drooped in each other's faces. Bugsie

stopped by and drooped with us.

We went to bed fairly late and

then talked on and on about “What

Price College?,” KΔ, rushing etc., etc.,