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September 1

     Mother roused us early since Beth

and Kay had to go to work – Lou

and I trailed sleepily after them.

"Goodbyes" were said and Lou and

I with Mother, talked and talked

about how to improve KΔ. It was

much the same stuff, but with new

ideas. We finally managed to dress

for a late lunch at the Chinese

restaurant in Jamaica and seemed

to stuff ourselves. Louise hopped

a subway and Mother and I met

Herbert (a date – hey! Even if he is

just 13) and saw “Hers to Hold”

with Deanna Durbin and Joseph

Cotton (Ah! [Sotch?] a man!) and “Crime

Doctor” with Warner Baxter at the


     Letter from Danny saying she and

Fred have made up. I’m so very glad!

     Nana came this evening.