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September 3

     I’m beautified – or rather – attempts

were made. At 9:00 a.m. Mother and I were

down at Robert’s and my hair was going

through the mechanisms necessary for

a permanent. I was amazingly through

in two hours – it looks fairly

all right considering………..

     Mother stopped at O.C.D. and then

we had lunch at the Fish Grotto; And

on home.

     This evening I went into the city

up to Victor Chemical’s office to be shown

around by Bugsie. We met Mr. Cotton, her

boss and he gave us bourbon to sip.

Stirred, we walked crosstown to

Toffenetti’s where we met Ev for a

crazy dinner. Such fun. Then a walk

uptown to Radio City. We saw Cary

Grant (Mmm!) in “Mr Lucky.” The stage

show had no continuity but the Corps de

Ballet act was super.