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September 5

     I roused myself from my lethargy

to be ready when Aud called for me to

go to church and communion. The sermon

was quite good: cooperation in order to have

World Peace. I came home feeling real

holy for a change.

     This afternoon Bugsie came by to

laugh over old diaries with me and

talk about things in general. Then she

and I walked back to pick up Irene –

and so a trek to Tildemann’s for

gooey calorie-filled sundaes. Our

conscience bothered us but we

enjoyed them anyhoo and sat

smoking and listening to the juke

box discussing the Reader’s Digest

statistical conclusion that after the

war 7 out of every ten girls will be

old maids. Cheerful prospect!

Gee things are bad enough without

thinking of that.