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September 6

     Happy Labor Day! and it was quite

happy too, considering - - - - - - this

morning we revived the matter of

this next weekend, which had been sort

of lying dormant till then and Mom

and Dad said I definitely couldn’t

go up alone. There was little I

could say and I spose I really

see their point but I do want to

go to Hamilton so very badly. We

hit upon the idea of Bugsie’s

going with me so I sent a special

delivery to Bill and am keeping my

fingers crossed till I hear.

     This evening after Dad left on the

spur of the moment Mother & I hopped

a bus and went to the Alden to see

revivals of Clark Gable & Claudette

Colbert's Academy Award Winner “It

Happened One Night” and Ronald Colman in

“Lost Horizon.” I wonder what my Shangri-

La is.