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September 8

     A nice day! I met Lou at

Roosevelt Avenue just before twelve

and then on to New York to mosey

around Lord & Taylor’s trying to

get decorative ideas for improving

the KΔ house but things were too

extreme for our collegiate ways!

Then we went to the Gypsy Tea Room

for lunch and to have our fortunes

told – very interesting! After that

we went to the Ambassador theater

and saw “Blossom Time” – music

costumes and acting were swell –

good show about Schubert’s life and

music. I met Mother and Dad at

Dempsey’s for dinner and sat at the

table next to Jack and his two children.

After that – back to the H.G.C. meeting at

Jeannettes for gab – nothing exciting.

     Italy unconditionally surrendered to

the Allies. Best news since the war began!

Is victory nearer? I’m so glad!!