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September 9

     Today started off pretty well. Mother and

I went into New York and bought me my

beauty of a red three-piece suit (The pockets

on the other had been cockeyed!) and a cute

black hat too; so I glowed with it all.

We skirted the big Parade (opening 3rd

War Bond Drive!), had a sandwich at

the Milk Barn and then went to Robert’s

where I had my hair shampooed and set

(first since after the permanent!) We came

home and Nana was here.

     Very bad news! Bill had tried to

call me last night but I was out, so

tonight he called again, and the result wasn’t

too cheery. It seems there’s a convention

in Clinton over the weekend and cause I

hadn’t let him know sooner he couldn’t get

a room any ware. God I’m so disappointed.

I’d wanted to go so badly. We talked for

quite awhile and he seemed as disappointed

as I. We haven’t really talked in so long,

and it’d have been wonderful. Oh hell!