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September 10

     I turned completely tragically dramatic

and sobbed all last night so that this

morning my eyes are just slits. I hadn’t

really cried in ages and splurted

forth all I’d saved up. Silly, but I really

cleaned out my nasal passages!

     Mom decided to pacify me with a

program of activity so we went into

New York for a Chinese Lunch at the

China Clipper and then went to the

Roxy to see “Heaven Can Wait” with

Don Ameche and Gene Tierney – very

amusing and I liked it good. We

went to Saks for a pair of jodphur pants –

and then to Dr. Weiss for the usual.

We met Dad at the Boar’s Head on

Lexington Avenue and our mouths

watered over good soft shell crabs.

     Glory came over late in the

evening, and spent the night. We

talked n’ talked – slept together in the

double bed and were real restless.