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September 11

     An active day! Fairly early, Bugsie and

I dressed in our riding togs, and after

meeting Cam, Aud and Irene we trekked to

188th St. and hopped on horses. At least

the rest hopped but not having gone in over

two years, I was more or less shoved on by

an innocently obliging bystander. Once

we started posting and cantering through

Cunningham Park however it was wonderful

and the ride a beautiful one. Irene

fell off to lend excitement.

    We went back to Glory’s for lunch and

chatted awhile; then, this evening

rather unexpectedly, Glory, Aud, Irene,

Cam, Edith and Jean all came in,

and we howled hysterically over old

diaries of Aud & Irene revealing

their "supreme thrills” of grammar

and high school days. Jean’s baby’ll

arrive the end of February supposedly – it

doesn’t seem possible. Anyhoo, the

evening was fun!