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September 13

     Yesterday morning’s muscle weariness was

eased by a lovely mail today. I heard

from Bill Boyd – back from maneuvers and

writing again at last. He's still waiting

for his transfer orders to the Air Corps,

and wrote a long perkish letter while

waiting. Then – Floyd – till in San

Francisco – wrote a wonderfully philosophic

gem expressing his emotions on going

overseas. It was really good!

     This afternoon Mother and I

went to the Valencia to see Merle

Oberon and Brian Aherne in First

Comes Courage (the usual spies-and-

commandos-in-Norway stuff) and

Donald O’Connor in Mr. Big – a cute

jitterbug job.

     Tonight, Glory, Aud and I went

bowling and had a stupid old time

again. I bowled 78 – an improvement

over last time – but not too good!

I blame it on my muscles.