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September 14

     This morning was dedicated to a

series of “friendly discussions” before

I went into the city to meet Cary,

back from her two week’s jaunt in

Kentucky, Annapolis, Washington, etc.

We talked a blue streak to catch

up on what had passed in the meantime.

Two friends of hers were there from

Annapolis. We had a sandwich next door;

they left and we spent the afternoon

trying to pick up Cary’s bags at

Penn Station.

     I met Mother and Dad at the China

Clipper for dinner and talking and

so on home.

     Confusion! I got a special from Bill

Brennan enclosing another letter he’d

sent me – addressed correctly – but which

had been returned to me. If I’d gotten

that letter in time, the room situation

could have been cleared up and I might

have gone to Hamilton. Damn the post office!