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September 15

     An emotional day! It was cloudy, so we

couldn’t go on our boat trip as planned. Instead

Mother, Louise and I went to the music Hall

to see “So Proudly We Hail,” the epic of the

bravery of the army nurses on Bataan and

Corregidor. It was powerful! The stage

show Minstrel Days was quite good

too, though different from the usual

Radio City ones.

     Louise and I met Cary on 29th Street

and at 4:30 went to the Little Church

Around the Corner to see Marty and

Tommy, married. We stood and beamed

and felt quite parental as we shook

our heads, saying “it doesn’t seem

possible!” though we knew they’d

really been planning it for ages.

They’re both swell. Lou and I

came home on the 5th Avenue bus to

Jackson Heights.

     Tonight, Mother & I went over to Thompsons

to see Jack & Marge. They’re going to Eustis!