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September 17

     Once again we’d planned on going 'round

Manhattan Island in a boat, but once again

it kept raining instead. So I went into

Brooklyn (riding in on the train with

Mrs. Ingold) and met Dad for lunch.

It was the first “date” we’d had in

ages so we kind o’ talked as I

munched on my shrimp curry. We

hopped a subway and went back to the

office for awhile, stopping to buy

stockings on the way, and I generally

messed up his business day. It was

fun and executivish though!

This evening I went over to Glory’s

and peeked at the preparations for the

shower she gave for Doris De Brodt Deane;

and then Mother, Lizzie and I went

to see “The Student Prince” starring

Everett Marshall. It was very good –

another of the epidemic of operetta