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September 18

     “London bridges falling down…..

Falling down…..!”

Where we had Niagara Falls in the down-

stairs hall, the plasterers are today

pulling the whole darned business down, till

the ceiling lies in chunks on the floor and

dust from it floats throughout the house

choking us off as we try to breathe. Ah!

for the well-ordered peace of a boiler factory!

     This morning Mother and I went to

Jamacia to buy last minute powder

puffs, toothbrushes and emory boards,

and pick up a pair of moccassins

and a pair of black non rationed

shoes, which I treasure as a good


     We were s’posed to go to Connie Korn’s

wedding today, but being the last

weekend home and all, we didn’t, so I

thought hard about her instead. And so

have two KΔs bit the dust in the same week!