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September 19

     The last Sunday at home! Aud and I

went to St. Gabe’s where Rev. Condit preached

with a voice which kept failing him on

account of a cold – the service was usual

     We had roast lamb for dinner and

then discussed the pros and cons of

driving down to Billsburg with Marjorie

Thompson since Jack needs the car

at Eustis. It would be exciting to

take a long auto trip legally in gas

ration days but it might be complicated

too. I think we’ll do it though!

     Afterwards, Glory and Aud came over

and we trekked to Tildeman’s for sodas;

rehashing the problem of “So Little

Time – and so much to do – and

so many friends to want to be


     Dad should have gone into the

Waldorf for a convention (W.S.J.A.) but

stayed here instead. – I wrote Danny,

Colby, Bill & Bill.