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September 20

     A lovely mail, being as how I heard

from Bill Boyd (enclosing a cute cartoon

from Yank, the army newspaper) whose

transfer orders have come through, but who

doesn’t know where he’ll be sent yet! Then

too, I got another real nice letter

from Bill Hughes – still in Australia!

     This morning, I went to the dentist

for a checkup and for the first time

in really ages, I have no cavities.

My teeth have passed the adolescent

stage! Then I moseyed around

Jamaica, after which I came home

and baked cookies (sending most

of the better ones to Bill Brennan)

     Cary came out this afternoon and

to spend the night – Glory and Aud

came for dinner too (steak – how dreamy!)

We hysterically played bridge, being

interrupted by a blackout and then all

walked Audrey home.