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September 21

     Such a beautiful day! I woke early

to keep my 9:00 a.m. dentist appointment and

had my teeth cleaned till they sparkle.

I hopped into riding clothes – saw Cary

on her bus – and met Joanie for a

wonderful ride in Cunningham Park. Peter

Pan cantered like a streak of greased

lightning and we flew along. It was

really swell! Joanie treated me to a

coke too and after awhile came over to the

house to buy me a War Bond. (I’m crazy –

I mean “sell” me a War Bond!) so I

backed the attack! Mother and I went

to Robert’s where I had my hair set

for the final time, and then came

home waiting for Nana’s arrival. Dad’s

still at the convention.

     Surprise! Bill Brennan sent me 16

American Beauty roses with a really

perky card enclosed. Gosh I’m so

very thrilled!