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September 23

     The official end to the summer and a

real wonderful one it was too. Mother,

Marjorie (both of her), Cary and I

sent ourselves down in the ’41 Packard

snuggled in with suitcases, boxes

and the like. It was blissful to

ride in a car after the years

of gas rationing. We stopped on the

road and ate a picnic lunch,

which Aunt Bert had made.

Most all the way, Cary and I

burst forth into song and the

time passed quickly.

     We reached Billsburg at 8:00 and

had dinner at the Lodge – then,

real excited – we came back to

the house and saw everybody.

Doggone, I do love it so good!

It’s super being with all the

gals – specially Beth and Punchy!

So very much fun!

     A stupendously perky letter from Bill Boyd