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September 27

     School bells chimed again and I am

officially a Junior – it’s so impressive

being respected for a change! I only had

three classes. Dr. Foltin stood us up

for Psych and after standing around

in the hall for awhile we left for the

Wigwam to buy books. I became nasty

when I discovered I had to pay $24 for

beatup secondhand books too. Marketing

sounds fascinating – full of merchandising

and advertising, the sort of stuff I

want. Rhythms only lasted five minutes,

which was a lovely sort of gym class.

     Mother came to the house this

afternoon and offered ideas on redecorating

our room. It sounds dreamy! May

they materialize!

     There was a W.S.C.G.A meeting

tonight with the usual welcomes & news

about a German Club dance for the

A.S.J.U. boys. House meeting afterwards

and then bull sessions about rushing and sex