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September 29

     A busy day, with classes from nine

till 4:30P.M. with time out to see Mother

off on the morning train. It seems odd

not to have her around any more.

Classes were still interesting except for

Statistics lab which really is a

stinker. If it weren’t required for my

major, I’d gladly toy with the idea of

dropping it, but grin 'n' bear it, sez I.

     At 5:00 Beth, Punchy, Lou and I

went to a Social Committee meeting for the

War Work at college, where plans were made

for various affairs to be given for the

chaplains, their assistants, etc. After

a cone at the Wigwam we watched the

review of the A.S.J.U boys out on the

football field. It was impressive – a far

cry from the football rallies of a year ago.

     This evening, Midge and I went to chapel

at which Dr. Foltin spoke and then I

came home, washed my hair, did homework and went to

a house meeting.