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October 2

     Such an exciting day! After class I

decided I’d best get my ads for the Flat Hat

and trekked around campus and town doing

my bit. After lunch, Beth, Punchy and I

trudged out the Richmond Road about three

miles to the Pleasant Walk Dairy (Ironic

name!) in vain – no manager and so no ad; but

on the way out we met a soldier from Eustis

who walked with us and bought cokes,

generally making the pilgrimage more pleasant.

We tooks the ads to Jean Kellogg and then

to the office to see them put in next week’s

issue of the paper.

     Tonight was the German club-A.S.J.U

formal. My date was Hank Caruso –

no relation to the singer or the spaghetti

people. He plays football for Company A

and I can see why he’s a good tackle,

but he’s awfully sweet inspite of it.

The dance was crowded but quite a

lot of fun – the band was good too