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October 3

     We slept through church and discovered

it was 12:30 by the time we finally stretched

ourselves drowsily awake. We dressed and

walked across campus to dinner –

chicken and ice cream as always.

This afternoon I went back and

forth between the library and the

dorm where I tried in vain to find my

Canturbury Club little sister. I gave up

and Janet Hilton and I went to the

tea at Bruton Parish by ourselves. It

was boring – not many people there –

just stood around and simpered.

     Punchy, Kay, some Alpha Chis and I

had supper in the Wigwam – talked

with quite a few A.S.J.U. boys — and

then wrote letters home inbetween bull


     I received a letter from Bill Boyd

yesterday – he’s stationed at Keesler Field,

Mississippi. It’s nearer than South Dakota anyhoo!