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October 4

     The day tended to be lovely though

comparatively uneventful. As always,

classes – Rhythms in the afternoon –

lasted all day and afterwards we

jaunted to the Wigwam for lunch –

Kay, Louise, Sue Quigley and I –

 another jaunt there in the afternoon

and then I typed merrily away

on a letter to Bill Brennan.

     After supper, all the upper-

classmen went to Washington to

take our Student Government exam,

which was the traditional sort thing –

I imagine I passed it.

     Sorority meeting operated under

difficult conditions – we really need

a chapter room – and were herded

together in the living room.

     A perkish letter from Bill Brennan –

upset about the change in plans for

Meteorology – and letters from Jimmy & Bugsy.