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October 5

     Activities girls personified! I had

classes, practically straight from 8-4:25,

with not much lazying time in between.

After that, Louise and I went ad hunting

for the Flat Hat and then we all painted

the porch door screens and some

furniture. – I confess the others did

more than I.

     Supper in the dining hall as

usual and then a mad tearing

about: – first to the Backdrop Club

meeting where we signed up to do

Stage Crew Work – then to the

Colonial Echo Editorial Staff meeting –

and on to a Flat Hat Business Staff

meeting, where we signed up for more

work. It’s all fun though. Punchy and

I also stopped by at some sort of

vaudeville entertainment in Phi Bete.

We signed up for the WAMS (War

Activities Members) and feel patriotically