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October 6

     Indeed a lovely day! Classes

straight through again, weren’t too

cheery a prospect, but they were

all more-or-less interesting. We

got out of Statistics Lab early

after toying around with the

various adding machines. Moreorless

in a rut of dining hall food,

the Crazy [Bunx?] and I decided

to go smooth and have dinner at

the Lodge. The Rockfish was all

we could afford, but the meal

was delicious anyhoo. Beth met

Jim, her ensign, there and he

walked home with us – asked her

for a date for Saturday night.

     Super event! The phone tingalinged

a la long distance and twas Bill

Boyd calling from Mississippi. We talked

our fully allowed five minutes and

it was wonderful. I wish I could see him.

He's a super fellow.