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October 7

     A busy time was had by all. In between

classes, I missed lunch to sit in the

Registrar’s Office and address envelopes to

all the parents, for the Flat Hat. It

was interesting for I got a look at

what everyone’s majoring in and stuff,

and though I gave myself writer’s

cramp ‘twas all fun. Accounting was

amazing in that I actually got my

problems right – it’s fascinating.

Afterwards, I tried doing my statistics,

but soon gave up on it so long and

tiresome did it look.

     All evening the whole sorority painted,

varnished, scrubbed and stood back

to admire the improvements as we

devoted our energies to making the house

look smooth. It’s a tough fight but

we’re winning.

     Marjorie Thompson called, asking me to

go on a date – I’d have loved it, but couldn’t;

cause of painting. Letters from Pat, Joanie & Danny.