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October 9

     Saturday! As usual we tumbled out of

bed for our eight o' clocks, but were

too tired to stay up, so went back to

bed at ten and more-or-less slept

till 12:00. We were finally awakened

by cries of "Marty!" Mrs. Thomas

Butts had come back to see

us for the weekend and it

doesn't seem as though she was

away at all.

     We moseyed around in the

Wigwam this afternoon and then

went to the Stadium to see the

W&M Freshman team play

the A.S.J.U. boys. It was a

pretty good game – the freshman

team won – but made us

homesick for the good ole

days of real football.

     Beth went out with her ensign

tonight – we were unsmooth.

     A terrifically perky letter from Bill Boyd.